Here at Earth Living Skills we are dedicated to bringing a once in a life time experience that your kids will never forget. We are reconnecting people to nature, and reawakening their primitive instincts. Our classes and programs will give your kids the skills to survive out in the wild. Our programs are great for making new friends and working in teams to accomplish goals and tasks they may not encounter in their every day lives. Our classes are educational, exciting, and most of all fun. Get in touch with us, to help you get in touch with nature.


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I grew up in New Jersey but I've been living in the mountains of Montana for the better part of the past seven years. I learned Earth skills at Tracker School in New Jersey, taking classes and interning there for eight months. Since then I've taught the skills to children and teens at Children of the Earth Foundation as well as a short time at Twin Eagles Wilderness School.  One thing that became desperately evident to me through all these experiences was that, regardless of age, everyone benefited from these skills.  Whether it be learning a bow drill, or crawling around on your belly tracking weasels, or even the deeper philosophies of the earth, all of these things brought everyone to life.  You could see it in their eyes, hear it in their laughs, and listen to it in their endless stories around the campfire.  Essentially, what I'm hoping to do with these classes is, even if only for a few hours, bring everyone into the present moment and reconnect them nature.

I have my Wilderness EMT Certification.

Kat is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, as well as a certified Bach Flower Essences practitioner. She is the founder and director of Meet the Green, a school for herbal medicine and botany. Before starting Meet the Green, Kat was an instructor and the Clinic Manager for the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, an herbal school and clinic in Boulder Colorado. She still acts as a part time instructor for the CSCH on their student trips and botany retreats. Kat lives and works in East Haddam, CT. Between teaching and working, she spends her time wild crafting, gardening, medicine making, and walking in the woods.


Simon Harrison has traveled all over the world supporting children and adults to re-connect deeply with nature.   Simon shares primitive living skills and nature awareness techniques that transform our relationship with the natural world, fostering creativity, confidence and connection. From Central Park in New York to Alaska and Taiwan, his work has enabled people to experience that they themselves are part of nature. Simon is also the author of The Truly Alive Child, which explores the pivotal role that our education systems play in leading the next generation to take care of all life.

Ian Mackinnon first learned about wilderness survival in New Jersey, at Tom Browns Tracker School in 2003, and after taking several courses, went onto intern at the school in 2008.Since then he has worked as an instructor for a non-profit organization called Children of the Earth Foundation, also based in NJ, Who specialize in teaching wilderness skills to children.  Ian grew up in rural Connecticut, and has had a strong affinity with the woods , fields, and streams there since he was a child. He sees wilderness survival as a great way for children to interact with , and eventually become more in tune with the natural world.

i was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up spending my summers at my grand parents farm in the mountains of Colombia where my love of nature started because my grandparents were artists and knew many crafts from natural materials and had knowledge of the land and how they could gather and make their rafts. after moving to the united states i didnt get too much exposure to the outdoors other than some light hiking and camping until i came to the tracker school and got back in touch with my love of the outdoors and have been practicing all sorts of outdoor skills from primitive to modern.i also volunteer regularly at the tracker school.


Dylan T Mackinnon was born and raised in the Lower Connecticut River Valley, and from his earliest years spent the majority of his time playing in the woods of his hometown. That is where his passion began, and in 2002, when he was 18 years old, his passion led him to Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracking and Wilderness Survival School. He studied at the Tracker School for several years, until 2006 when he took part in a one-year residency program at the Tracker School. Living in a primitive Wigwam without electricity or running water, he spent that year deepening his understanding of the natural world and working on a stewardship program restoring and caring for a damaged Cedar swamp.Since then Dylan has maintained his enthusiasm for primitive skills by teaching children and adults through the Children of the Earth Foundation. These have been some of the most rewarding experiences in Dylan's life, and now that he is a father, he looks forward to passing these important skills and values onto his own son.

Nancye spent her childhood roaming the forests and beaches of beautiful Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. Raising two children in New York City, Nancye realized how difficult is is for city kids to have that nature immersion experience she enjoyed as a child. In 2008 Nancye attended Coyote Tracks summer camp with her family. The wilderness living skills taught there helped her feel deeply re-connected and re-awakened to nature. Since then she has taken many other wilderness skills programs (including at Tracker School) and has redirected her life towards sharing the skills, especially with kids in New York City.  Previously, Nancye worked for Japanese television for many years and appreciates how that work experience has come in handy when organizing Earth Skills program logistics and communicating with people. Nancye greatly appreciates the enthusiasm and passion of all of the children and families she has shared the skills with, and treasures what she has learned from them.  Nancye is a certified Wilderness First Responder.

Zach Fisher grew up in the woods and on the beaches of Northern California.  The pursuit of art and music brought him to the East Coast and eventually to the Tom Brown Tracker School which he considers to be the beginning of the education he was always looking for.  He began teaching in 2011 and has since worked for several NY based earth skills programs.  He also leads guided tours for children and adults with Discover Outdoors into the state parks of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  His goal as a teacher and a student is to foster a deeper connection between people and the natural world in the spirit of discovery and the maximizing of our human potential.


Joseph Harvey grew up on the outskirts of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. As a child, he could either be found romping through the woods, or reading about romping through the woods in books like Hatchet and My Side of the Mountain.However, with no avenue to pursue the amazing skills he learned were possible, the flame of those childhood fascinations waned for several years… until he discovered The Children of the Earth Foundation in 2007, during his freshmen year of high school.  Through COTEF, Joey’s suppressed passions were rekindled as he took his first “foxwalking” baby steps and made his first cordage and fire. He also learned to see the world through different eyes for the first time- literally as “owl eyes” and figuratively through “native eyes,” as indigenous traditions and beliefs on connecting with nature, each other and the world began to rub off on him. He has since been to the Tracker School and will continue learning there, as well as through personal experience. It is his hope to share the comfort and security of a mother that the Earth provides, and to enrich the lives of all who come to learn of her ways.


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"Your work with the children was priceless!" Teacher at Brooklyn new school

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